Frequent Asked Questions on Hemorrhoids

Medical questions related to this product?
If you got any medical questions related to this product then it’s good to consult your physician or doctor for the professional advice.

Recommended dosage & side effects for this product?
Once you got the product, you can read the recommended dosage on the product. It contains all nutritional supplements so you don’t have to face any side effects.

What is your Money Back Guarantee?
You get the superior quality of products the product believe in giving you the best value, quality and selection to our customers. You can return the unused and unopened item purchased to us for any reason within 90 days of your purchase to get the purchase price back.

Can hemorrhoids become cancerous?
Though hemorrhoids are quite discomforting but it cannot cause cancer nor its life threatening. If anything it is more inconvenience due to itching, burning, and swelling that can occur. Yet severe hemorrhoids can be painful and if blood found in your stool in regular, then immediately seek medical assistance.

Is hemorrhoids are normal part of pregnancy?

Yes, hemorrhoids are very common during pregnancy. It is expected that 80% of pregnant women develop hemorrhoids through pregnancy. The growing uterus puts the additional pressure on veins located in pelvis and the inferior. This pressure slow the return of the blood from the lower body, resulting in the compression of veins located below uterus. In addition, women who suffered from hemorrhoids earlier to pregnancy are likely to extend condition during gestation.

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